Sales Funnels in Practice

With a suitable sales funnel, you can significantly speed up your online sales!

The sales funnel is a purpose-built website that systematically guides your customer through the various stages of the purchase, which are meaningfully connected to each other.


You are selling mattresses, and the buyer has visited your website, sales funnel, where the buyer chooses a mattress to their liking. Upon confirmation of the order, the site or system takes them to another site. Here, they are offered suitable size sheets at a discount because they have already bought a mattress.

If they decide to add more sheets and confirm the order, the system takes them on to the other side, where they can choose pillows.

If they opt for pillows, the system takes them on to choose a suitable blanket and so on. The customer can resign at any time during the sales funnel and only stay with the purchase of the mattress.

The whole system depends on the customer's needs.

Making a sales funnel is usually very demanding in terms of programming. The problem is that many elements change during the sales process, and we have to fix things. This issue is a golden cave for programmers but an expensive nightmare for entrepreneurs.

In the funneltogo application, any entrepreneur without programming knowledge can make their own sales funnel easily and quickly.

The picture below is a sketch of the sales funnels with email automation. The ultimate goal is a mega offer that can go into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Making a sales funnel depends on the entrepreneur's creativity.

sales funnel sequence