Test your offer with the AB test

When we're testing new products, how do we know if the copy is effective? We make use of A/B testing. This testing allows us to try out two or more versions of a pageā€”one version with our current copy and other versions with our new copy. By running multiple tests, we can determine which is more effective. We also use split testing to test various ads or landing pages.

How Does It Look?

  • In the funneltogo application, we compile an offer based on our ideas.
  • We use the clone function and clone the offer 3 to 5 times.
  • In each of these cloned offerings, we change more significant elements. We replace the image with video or just text, change the background color, change the title slogan, button, and the like.
  • We upload the completed cloned funnel to our website and start advertising.
  • It makes sense to bring in at least a couple of thousand visitors through advertising to make it easier to distinguish which clone of the funnel works best.
  • The funneltogo app itself will evenly divide visitors among the funnel clones. Each clone will get the same number of visitors.
  • In a statistical review, we find out which clone of the funnel worked best. It depends on what we follow. These can be subscribers or the volume of sales. Once we determine which version of our offer is the most successful, we turn off the rest.

This system can be used more than once. Over time, we get the most optimal offer.


The link below is our subpage, where you can see what AB testing looks like in practice.
The testing works by refreshing the browser page and always getting a new offer that is systematically repeated. In our case, there are four versions of the offer.