Use of Payment Options: PayPal, Bank Account, or Any Other Option of Payments

If you sell anything on the website, you currently have three payment options in our application, which are the most common.

  1. Payment to a bank account. If the customer opts for this option, the system will send the customer an order with payment details via email. In today's age of electronic banking, customers have no problem with this method of payment.

  2. Cash on delivery. The customer receives the order in his email but pays the postman upon receipt. You arrange the cash on delivery shipment at your post office. This approach is usually chosen by "old school" customers, who are reluctant to use internet banking.

  3. PayPal system. This payment option is one of the most recognizable and secure methods of payment internationally. In the funneltogo system, the PayPal option is already set. Enter your Paypal email, the return URL to which the PayPal system redirects the customer after the payment is completed. As an additional option, you can add an address (URL) to which the customer returns if the transaction failed. Given that most international payment cards support the PayPal system, you do not need a card payment system. In practice, the Paypal option has been shown to accelerate sales because it increases the credibility and security of the purchase.
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