Automatic Sending of Emails

Only a small number of customers immediately opt for our offer. Therefore, it makes sense to send emails from time to time to all subscribers to remind them of our offer. The client is interested in our offer, but he does not need the product/service or is indecisive at a given moment. Maybe he does not fully understand our services and needs additional information. Manually sending further emails to our customers can be pretty time-consuming and also confusing. That is why we have added automation for sending emails in our application.

What does that mean?

If you want to keep your customers informed about your work or service monthly, compose 12 emails for the first year. You can add another 12 later, and so on.

Present your offer in these consecutive emails. Write additional explanations, ideas why someone would need your service, and the like.

Assign a sending time to each of these emails.

For example:

The customer receives the first email as a thank you for subscribing to your newsletter

The second email is received by the customer in 30 days and describes the specifics of your service

The third email is delivered to the customer in 60 days. This email gives various ideas on how to use your product or service.

The customer receives the fourth email in 90 days. The email has additional explanations.

The fifth email is sent in 120 days, and the like.

Your job is just to compose these 12 or more emails and assign a sending time to each. Once you do that, you can smoothly forget about the extra work. The system will start sending emails to everyone who subscribes to your newsletter one month at a time.

Of course, you can send a special email with a special date-limited offer during this automation.

In this way, we nurture our customers, gain trust and build our brand.

The image below shows the various options for sending emails.

In our case of consecutive emails, we choose a custom and enter the number of days after logging in to the list—30, 60, 90, and the like.

urnik pošiljanja emailov