Creating an E-Newsletter Subscription Form

Email marketing will continue to be one of the best and cheapest forms of marketing for your business. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs neglect email marketing.

Let's look at what's going on in traditional marketing. The company decides on a specific budget and starts advertising to bring as many customers as possible to its website. Here the purposes may be different. We can build a brand, or we may want to sell as much as possible. We invested a great deal of money and what's happens? Most visitors to our website leave without any action.

Let's say 5% of visitors bought our product. What happened to the other 95%? These visitors looked at our offer and left without a trace. True, you can use some form of retargeting offered by Facebook, but it will cost you. In a way, it would be ideal for keeping at least a specific part of these visitors to inform them about our offer later. The first 5% of customers are so-called spontaneous customers. However, we must not forget that the other 95% of visitors also came through our advertising campaign. That is to say, there was some interest behind their visit. Maybe it was just curiosity; it doesn't matter. Or, they may merely be deciding. Perhaps they need to talk to their partner or have our product in mind for future purchases. The problem is that when they leave our website most of them forget about us.

The solution is simple. With an email subscription, customers can be added to our database of subscribers. We then notify interested parties by email when new products are offered. We keep it simple and opt for one-click unsubscribe.

Why is this system excellent for a company, and it will probably be for many years to come? Since we have only those registered in our database who are genuinely interested in our offer, they have not yet decided. Sending a couple of thousand or a couple of tens of thousands of emails costs practically nothing.


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