Email Marketing

Send an Email to All Your Customers with One Click

When we decide to mass inform our subscribers via emails, the cost can be pretty high. Most providers have fixed monthly fees. The price usually depends on the number entered in our list. Costs can rise quickly to a couple of hundred dollars a year.

There are no such additional expenses in our funneltogo application because you send emails via your email account. If you have a large number of subscribers, you can arrange with your hosting provider to allow you to send more emails per day. Of course, you can choose an external SMTP service provider. One of the least expensive is Amazon. Sending emails through their setup will cost you around ten dollars for 100,000 subscribers. And there is no fixed cost yet. You only pay for what you send.

However, it is easiest to send via your internet domain in the beginning.

Example: domain name www.yourcompany.com

Then your email will be: joe@yourcompany.com

Most web-hosting providers, where your domain is hosted, enable mass sending of emails via your email account. Usually, it is from 2000 emails onwards per day. For most entrepreneurs, this is enough. All you need is your domain email account.

Steps to Prepare:

  • Create an email subscription form in funneltogo
  • Enter your email account information—SMTP settings
  • Embed the form to your website
  • Create a list in funneltogo where you want to collect data
  • Compose the email format you want. You can also personalize the emails, which means that you address your  subscriber  by name.
  • Send the email immediately or choose to send it later.

You can later check the number of open, unopened, and rejected emails in the sending statistics. We recommend that you deactivate rejected emails so that you do not resend them the next time. This way, you will avoid that your sent mail does not land in the trash or under spam.

The images below are a couple of steps to preparing for mass emailing.