Why does SEO matter?

Why does SEO matter? Website optimization is a process that more and more entrepreneurs are interested in from year to year.

Paid advertising on Google (i.e. Google Ads) is becoming more expensive from year to year, and at the same time, the price is also growing for advertising websites on other online platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube,….).

Businesses that want to be noticeable on the most visited and used online platforms (which actually have the most of your target audience) need to deduct ever-increasing chunks of marketing budgets for their online visibility, year after year.

It is also true for many of the companies that Google paid advertising does not produce satisfactory sales results from paid online campaigns, even though you deduct large amounts for them, either due to lack of knowledge or time to manage advertising accounts.

After all, website optimization and Google Ads advertising are 2 online methods that, depending on the nature of the management and implementation of activities, are also very different from each other (source 1):

Below are more detailed individual benefits and arguments why to opt for website optimization…

Why does SEO matter? Website optimization contributes to a larger number of website visitors

The longer and more regularly you optimize your websites, the more visitors you can expect to your website from the impressions of your websites on Google. Without having to pay for advertising.

Below is an example of implementing website optimization over a period of one year on an example website. The picture shows the growing number of visitors to the website to approx. 15,000 visitors per month:

You can, in general, get more traffic from websites with website optimization in 2 ways:
– by writing ever-new web content, SEO optimized on long-tailed keywords
– by performing offsite SEO optimization, in which you try to place a website on the first page of Google through generic keywords.

Why does SEO matter? Website optimization contributes to a CONSTANT increase in the number of visitors to your site

Unlike Google Ads paid advertising (i.e. leasing keywords that puts your website at the top of Google’s pageviews), where visits to websites run as long as you have Google Ads turned on (i.e., as long as you pay Google), website optimization allows a visit to the website to flow constantly – or at least for a very long time after you have stopped performing SEO optimization for individual keywords.

In some cases, and depending on the activity of competing websites on Google, individual, well-SEO-optimized websites, on the first page of Google, may remain for months and even years after you have actively completed optimizing your website.

This is also an argument that makes it easier for you to expand your online business because after you have achieved high rankings by optimizing your website, it allows you to optimize your other websites. other content for newfound keywords.

Website optimization helps ensure that your website traffic does not depend on paid Google advertising

If you build your online presence and sales through your website solely on the fact that the visit to the website comes on the basis of paid advertising, which can really (but not necessarily) lead to faster sales results, build the foundations of your online sales on a paid website advertising on the most popular online platforms.

There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you master Google Ads paid to advertise, as long as you include the cost of paid online advertising in your marketing campaigns and as long as you consciously decide to spend money on paid advertising during your business.

However, if you want to get rid of dependence on paid online advertising, it is actually recommended for every company to, despite the implementation of paid online campaigns, learn the laws of organic/natural getting more and more visitors to your website, ie. the legality of website optimization.

Website optimization brings more clicks than paid ads on Google

One of the reasons why entrepreneurs are increasingly opting for website optimization is that more and more entrepreneurs are realizing that unpaid/organic impressions of websites on Google are, on average, clicked by significantly more Google users than paid ones. displays.

See the results of the survey below (source 2):

According to the Databox survey (source 3), the percentage of those Google users who click on PPC ads (Google Ads) compared to those who click on organic impressions is 30 to 70:
Website optimization contributes to the higher ranking of your websites on Google
If you want to place your website on the first page of Google (where most Google users are located and where consequently the most so-called search volume), you will need to perform (to about the same extent) both onsite SEO optimization and offsite SEO optimization for this achievement.
Website optimization consists of three segments:
– onsite SEO optimization
– offsite SEO optimization
technical optimization of websites
With the most competitive keywords, you will only achieve higher rankings on Google by mastering all three (at least onsite and offsite SEO) segments of web optimization.

You can use the knowledge from SEO optimization of your one website to optimize your other websites

If an entrepreneur has several websites (through which he sells either the same or different products or services), he can use the knowledge from SEO optimization of websites on several websites at the same time. This further improves the independence of your online business from industry fluctuations and influences, as well as the independence from fluctuations of Google’s algorithm updates.


Google’s algorithm is artificial intelligence, which is constantly learning to become even smarter, and as a result, the achieved rankings of individual websites, in the Google search engine, fluctuate.

If, as an entrepreneur, you have multiple websites that optimize your website on a regular basis, and you achieve high rankings on Google with multiple pages, this means that your online business will not be compromised – in case you happen to be due to updates to Google’s algorithm. from your internet pages, slipped out of high rankings on Google.

Website optimization works in a different language and geographic markets
Website optimization works according to the principles of the same rules of operation, in all markets.

Whether you want to expand your online business to foreign markets, or you want to expand your business to other industries, page optimization is the one that allows it, in the cheapest way (provided that you already master website optimization in one industry or at least in one market).

It is true that each industry and each market hides its own, specific laws and that each market, in its own way, is demanding, but still for high rankings on Google, similar SEO principles will need to be considered in all markets.

The basics of international website optimization can be found in the video below:

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