Which SEO tools do you regularly use?

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Which SEO tools do you regularly use? Ubersuggest

Which SEO tools do you regularly use? If you don’t use Ubersuggest you’re missing out! The image below shows the operation of the Ubersuggest SEO tool. In ubersuggest, type the keyword whose use you want to explore on Google.

Which seo tools do you regulary use

It shows you:

  • the monthly volume of the keyword’s credit rating on Google (i.e. the search volume) and from this data you find out how many Google users type each word into the search engine (in one month).
  • a metric that tells SEO difficulty. This is a figure on a scale of 1 to 100, which tells how difficult it is to rank a website on the first page of Google, among the highest rankings, among organic (SEO) impressions. The higher the number, the harder it will be to rank the website on the first page of Google.
  • PPC difficulty, which tells you how difficult it is to place a paid ad with the leased word “credit” on Google’s first page. Number 4 tells you the current cost of clicking on a paid ad with the leased word “credit” if you choose to pay for paid online advertising on Google.
  • the monthly movement of the use of the keyword “credit rating” on Google. From this graph, you can determine in which month an individual keyword is used more often, and also determine whether individual keywords are more seasonal or not.
  • how many Google users clicked on each SEO display of the website (unpaid website display), how many Google users clicked on the paid ad, and how many users did not, after using the word “credit”, clicked nowhere (but left Google or. replaced the search phrase).

SEO tool for tracking the ranking of websites on Google – What’s my SERP

Which seo tools do you regularly use serp

The abbreviation SERP stands for search engine ranking positions. The very acronym of this SEO tool, therefore, says that it is a tool that helps to track which positions a particular website is located on Google.

What’s my SERP closely monitors the positions of each website, both on desktop and mobile devices, measures the average positions of the websites (for all monitored keywords) as well as the positions of the websites for each keyword, separately.

Rankings on Google are measured by What’s my SERP every 24 hours, but you can use it more often. The SEO tool only records changes in rankings on Google over the last 30 days, the last 7 days, and the last 24 hours.

The tool enables easy entry of several websites and monitoring of positions for different countries. You can easily use What’s my Serp SEO tool to track up to 10 keywords, to measure more than 10 keywords, you need a tool to pay. Different packages are available.


Which SEO tools do you regularly use? KWShitter

The KWshitter SEO tool is free. It is mainly intended for quick search of long-tailed keywords:

Which seo tools do you regularly use keyword shitter

The image above shows a list of long-tailed keywords if you type the keyword email marketing into the SEO tool (p.s .: for those looking for useful email marketing tips, the email marketing tips link provides useful tips for effective email marketing).

You enter a generic keyword (i.e. a short, one-, or two-word phrase) into the tool, and Shitter starts displaying a list of long-tailed keywords related to the typed keyword.

The longer you leave the keyword search feature turned on, the more keywords the tool will find. When KWShitter starts displaying keywords in a language other than the one you are interested in, simply stop the tool by pressing the “stop job” button.

Kw Shitter is very suitable for finding keywords that you can use for your blog entries, SEO optimized for t.i. long tail, informative keywords.

Which SEO tools do you regularly use? KW revealer

KW Revealer is intended for keyword research, but it is also useful for offering you ideas for additional keywords.

In the image below, the keyword “SEO” is typed into the tool, and based on it, the tool for the Slovenian market offered additional keywords for which it pays to optimize the content on the topic of SEO optimization:

Which seo tools do you regularly use keyword revealer

SEO tool for SEO copywriters of blogs
When writing blogs for the needs of SEO, the design of the blog plays a decisive role. the design of the chapters that individual written SEO content should take into account.

In order to get to the proper design of chapters in your SEO-optimized blog posts as soon as possible, there is also an SEO tool available asked, which suggests chapters and their titles based on the entered keywords.


More information:

If you want to get information about which SEO tools are used by different SEO experts, one of the options is simply to try to find out which SEO tools are used by your competitors.

How do you do that?
On Google, for each individual keyword, check who your online competitors are, and then with the help of some SEO backlink checker, try to find out who is doing their SEO optimization. Then, with the SEO optimizer, on its website, check which SEO tools it uses (because most SEO optimization providers have written which SEO tools they use in their work).


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