Which of these are important KPIs to consider for SEO?

Which of these are important kpis to consider for SEO banner

Which of these are important KPIs to consider for SEO? SEO KPI is the term for SEO key performance indicators, which means SEO key performance indicators.

By monitoring SEO KPIs, you determine and monitor whether your website optimization is progressing, regressing, and where the reserves are in improving the performance of your site optimization.

In the continuation of this article, you will learn what are the main and most recommended SEO KPI metrics, what each indicator of SEO effectiveness says and how to monitor them.

What are the main indicators of the effectiveness of website optimization (SEO KPIs)

Website traffic in a natural (unpaid, organic) way

Website traffic is the main and most frequently used data/indicator of whether website optimization on an individual website is effective or not. It is important to observe only the visit that comes to the website in a natural, unpaid way – that is, the visit that comes to the website via Google impressions of your website, away from the visit that comes to the website, from your promotional posts on social networks, from email marketing, any paid ads (e.g. Google Ads), etc.…

SEO KPI monitors website traffic in a natural/organic way in Google Analytics in the acquisition/review tab.

The SEO performance indicator along this path is shown graphically:

which of these are important kpis to consider for seo graph

Ranking websites on Google as unpaid internet page views

Which of these are important KPIs to consider for SEO? The ranking of websites on Google as organic, unpaid impressions on Google is the second most commonly used data or. an indicator of whether or not website optimization is effective.

We monitor website rankings differently on Google.

In the case of smaller websites, website rankings (SERPs, search engine ranking positions) can be monitored manually, otherwise, there are countless free and paid SEO tools on the internet that track website rankings on Google according to different settings.

The SEO KPI metrics of website rankings on Google can be monitored on an ongoing basis (when new web content is posted on the website) or every month or quarter to determine the trend of improving or deteriorating the achieved website rankings on Google.

SERPs and the rankings of websites on Google are monitored according to various parameters (for example) by the device (rankings on desktop and mobile devices), by individually targeted keywords.

Web domain authority and authority of individual web content

Web domain authority and individual web content (domain authority and page authority) are SEO KPI metrics that tell how a website is progressing in terms of improving Google’s level of trust in a particular web domain and in particular web content.

Different service providers monitor different metrics of website optimization performance, these two metrics are defined by different terms. The most well-known terms are the terms domain authority and page authority (DA and PA) of the Moz.com website, otherwise similar SEO KPI metrics are also monitored by other SEO agencies (e.g. Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic…).

Note: Google constantly reports on its blogs and SEO communities that improving the metrics of other SEO agencies is not directly related to improving the rankings of websites on Google, but many SEO communities still monitor the authority of websites in order to observe whether the level of trust Google is making progress towards these sites, at least in general.

SEO KPI that monitors the average retention time of readers on your content
Average time on site is data found in Google Analytics.

In principle, users and website visitors spend more time on higher quality content. Given that one of the components of an effective website, optimization is also the preparation and publication of new web content that is SEO optimized for precisely selected/targeted keywords, SEO KPI average time on site is a good indicator of whether individual content is high quality or not.

TIP: In some cases, SEO KPI is a short average time on web pages, also good information, as it can mean that visitors to web content quickly find the information they were looking for in the content and leave the page quickly (Keyword “weather”).

Also, keep in mind that the average time spent by visitors on your websites varies depending on the industry in which you perform with your website (1).

which of these are important kpis to consider for seo traffic

Offsite SEO KPI metrics – Number of backlinks obtained

Backlinks are metrics that tell Google how much and which other websites “recommend” your site. They do this by posting a link to your website on their websites.

The more QUALITY backlinks your website has built-in, the higher Google’s level of trust in your website, and the higher the ranking of your website on Google.

Building backlinks to your website falls into the realm of web optimization, called offsite SEO optimization.

You can track the number of built-in backlinks and their details in the Google Search Console in the links tab. The dynamics of building backlinks for offsite SEO can also be measured with other SEO tools (backlink checkers).

The image below shows the backlink checker Ahrefs (2):

which of these are important kpis to consider for seo backlink check

Which of these are important KPIs to consider for SEO? Onsite SEO relevance of each URL address

Which of these are important KPIs to consider for SEO? The most important SEO KPI metric that CONSTANTLY monitors the quality of website optimization is a metric that monitors the onsite SEO relevance of individual published web content.

The very term onsite SEO says that every content on a website must follow certain/current SEO rules, which makes it easier to rank it higher in the search engine.

The better the onsite SEO website is optimized, the greater the chances of it ranking higher on Google.

Useful video on SEO KPIs:



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