What are h tags in SEO?

What are h tags in SEO

About one of the SEO marketing research, 15.36% of all surveyed SEO experts consider H tags (h tags) to be the most important SEO element on a website (source 1: Databox – Blog SEO: 39 Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Posts for SEO)

What ar h tags in SEO

According to another survey (source 2 – 70 Important SEO Statistics for 2020 – Backlinko) as many as 25% of small business websites do not have the main, H1 tag:

What are h tags in SEO features

These two studies alone show that websites where Google optimization takes into account the appropriate H-tagging result in higher rankings on Google (because a quarter of websites do not have H-tags arranged at all), and consequently higher page visibility and more business than websites.

What are H tags in SEO

H tags (heading tags) are tags in web content that you use to indicate the main title of web content and chapter titles. H tags help web content readers and Google to diversify/separate other text formats (e.g. paragraphs) from the main title and chapter titles:

What are h tags in SEO header

H-tags, in different CMSs, you tag differently, the picture above shows H-tagging, in WordPress using the Gutenberg text editor.

With H tags, you can tell the visitor, the reader, and Google what the main title of your web content is (i.e., the H 1 tag) and what the chapter titles are within each individual content (H2, H3, etc.).

Particularities, SEO myths and “eternal SEO debates” in connection with H tags

If you follow SEO tips regularly, you have surely noticed that appropriate and SEO “correct” labeling of parts of texts with H tags, among SEO experts, is the subject of “eternal debates”.

While H tags from 2 to 6 (H2 to H6), for some, are not supposed to be as important to Google, most of the SEO industry agrees that the H1 tag for Google is very important.

On the other hand, John Muller of Google says that H tags are not a ranking factor at all, especially not in terms of hierarchy (saying H1 tags are more important than H2, etc.,), source 3 – Google Explains How to Use Headings for SEO.

TIP: In principle, proper use of H tags helps Google identify the better content organization and helps users navigate content more easily, but most SEO professionals still recommend that you use exact keywords and synonyms for H tags. (LSI keywords), the appropriate order of tags, and to consider the marketing appeal of the titles written.

How to Label H Labels

For a simple example of how to label H tags, see the image below.

What are h tags in SEO how to

  • Only one text (main title) is marked with the H1 label. Some SEO studies argue that the maximum number of H1 tags in one web content can be 1.
  • The H2 tag identifies 2 pieces of content, at least one of which includes the keyword for which the web content is optimized (i.e. how to optimize the website). Some SEO experts recommend using a maximum of 10 H2 tags in one web content.
  • The subchapters of the main chapters are marked with H3 marks. These subsections include synonyms and related keywords (i.e. LSI keywords) of the main/primary keywords. If the main/primary keyword is “how to optimize a website”, related words include: how to optimize, onsite SEO, etc. “

TIP: When using multiple chapters when writing SEO texts, include the keywords you are targeting in the chapters in the chapter titles.

Examples of labeling of titles with H marks

Below are various examples of how H tags are used and equipped for SEO needs.

What are h tags in SEO example amazon

TIP: Some SEO studies state that the use of exact keywords between products (as in the case of mattresses above) is not “mandatory”, and some SEO tests even prove that excessive use of exact keywords in product names “Harm” rankings on Google.


According to the SERanking survey – 10 most common SEO issues to avoid in 2020 (source 4), H tags are among the most common SEO problems.

Of all the Google SEO issues, blank / missing H2 tags are even the second most common SEO problem, so I recommend that you put edited H tags in the first place of your tasks in improving the SEO optimization of your pages.

What are h tags in SEO summary

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