How to become an SEO copywriter

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There are hundreds of checklists, infographics and SEO rules on the Internet on how to become a better SEO copywriter.
The following SEO rules for better SEO text writing, I have put together in order so that you know exactly which step you need to take first and which next.

How to become an seo copywriter

How to become an SEO copywriter – Keyword analysis

A keyword analysis is done by researching topics (which may be of interest to your target audience).
Put keywords that fall into the same topic together, and place the broadest, generic keyword on top of the topic.

In topical keyword research, for each keyword found, write and follow:

  • search volume
  • SEO difficulty (how difficult it is to rank a website for the first page of Google for each keyword found)
  • profitability (or is it worth breaking into the first page of Google with a keyword at all)

Enter the data collected (for all topics and languages (e.g. English, German,….) In the spreadsheet, and you’ll be in the profitability column in the future when your website is ranked on the first page of Google for the selected keyword. , enter whether the word is profitable or not (hint: if you do not have time to wait for your site to “climb” on the first page of Google, on a particular keyword and only after a few months (or years) discover whether the word is profitable or not, you can get an immediate answer to your keyword’s profitability by simply renting the keyword from Google Ads).
Do you monitor if a keyword is (regularly) leased by your competition?

To estimate SEO difficulty, use Ubersuggest.
Additional examples of thematic keyword analysis are posted at the link examples of SEO strategies…

How to become an seo copywriter site for mobile devices

How to become an SEO copywriter – Site design for mobile devices

Because Google has been “favouring” mobile websites for some time now, and when ranking pages in a search engine, it gives preference to web pages that display appropriately on mobile devices, make sure your website is well displayed on mobile devices.

For WordPress people today, most of the themes already allow this, but we would be surprised how many, especially older websites, are still not adapted to display on mobile devices.

How to become an seo copywriter title

How to become an SEO copywriter – Add an SEO title

When writing an SEO title, for the selected keyword, consider the type of content located on the URL for which you are writing the SEO title. If the chosen keyword is informative, the SEO title should be informative (and marketing attractive). If the chosen keyword is PURCHASE, the SEO title should be a purchase title (hint: it’s not wrong to “peek” at competing titles for ideas, for good SEO titles) (don’t copy but write a better one).

Whenever possible, the SEO title should contain, from left to right, the keyword on which you are writing and optimizing the SEO text.
If using the “exact” keyword interferes with the appeal and usability of the content, use synonyms, plurals, or related terms.

An SEO address is the first thing Google users see on a search engine.

How to become an seo copywriter meta description

Add a Meta description

Similar to an SEO title, also writing a META description, start with the chosen keyword. If it makes sense and is marketing appealing, the keyword in the meta description should be spelled exactly as you found it (without declension, using the plural instead of the singular, using the second person instead of the first, etc. ().

The meta description, depending on how Google changes the number of characters allowed from time to time, should in principle be around 160 characters long (including spaces).

Because there are more characters available in the meta description than in the SEO title, use the rest to include synonyms and related searches for the selected keyword….

How to become an seo copywriter url title

Make the URL title short

The URL of the content for which you are writing should be short. And should include the keyword…

How to become an seo copywriter keyword in h1 (1)

Add your keyword to H1

Mark the title of the web content with h1 (in WordPress this address tag is assigned “default”), and the title should include the selected keyword. Additionally, use variables (i.e. modifiers, eg years) in the title.

How to become an seo copywriter keyword synonyms (1)

Add keyword synonyms to your titles

An SEO copywriter should divide web content into chapters. Individual chapters should be marked with h2, and if a certain chapter has sub-chapters, they should be marked with h3. Chapters and subchapters should be written to express user benefit subheadings while including synonyms for the keyword to which the SEO is optimized.

How to become an seo copywriter importance and density of keywords

Importance and density of keywords

Use the keyword for which you are optimizing web text in the first and last paragraphs of the text. The first paragraph of the text should express the benefit to the reader in two or three sentences if he reads the online text. The keyword should be repeated in the text between 0.5 and 2% of the time (depending on the amount of text written). Distribute other keywords evenly throughout the text.

How to become an seo copywriter internal and external links

Add internal and external links

Write internal links that point to other content on your website with the keywords, synonyms, and related keyword searches on which the web text is written. Build external links with numbers, letters, and organic keywords (so that if you accidentally refer to your competitor in the text, by linking to him, you are not raising his website, your targeted keyword).

As SEO rules for writing texts change and supplement very quickly, a good SEO writer of texts will not only follow the above rules but also take care of:

  • proper SEO product description in online stores
  • appropriate description of categories in online stores
  • relevant SEO texts on service, landing pages
  • tagging of texts and other web content, with appropriate schema, mark-up tags, etc.…


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