How does SEO work

By Matija Zajšek

How does SEO work?

A lot of people still wonder how does SEO work. SEO optimization works by using more and more quality, written and optimized web content published on your website, more and more Google users, notice your website and, consequently, visit it.

With this, the implementation of activities in the field of website optimization achieves its main purpose. This is that with the help of SEO, you are gaining more and more visitors to your website.

Of course, some conditions must be taken into account, because otherwise SEO optimization would not only be super simple and would have been performed by everyone for a long time, but also if you do not perform SEO optimization correctly, this results in a visit to your website. growing. However, you regularly prepare new online content and take care of regular new posts on your websites.

SEO optimization works by ranking properly written and properly SEO optimized content on Google (which is used by far the most web users) in the top places – that is, in the first places on the first page of Google.
In this way, SEO contributes to the fact that your website is noticed by more Google users, and consequently, due to SEO optimization, more people click on your website.

Website optimization further works by contributing to a lasting increase in the number of visitors to your pages. Of course, provided that you do not prepare the same stories and content for your website over and over again, and provided that you prepare web content FOR YOUR website, ALWAYS FOR NEW keywords that you find in connection with your industry.SEO optimization does not work in such a way (as many web content creators mistakenly think) that you repeat the same stories day after day, for the same keyword, and consequently conclude that because your website publishes the most content on a particular topic so that your website will be ranked the highest on Google.

SEO optimization works by targeting Google and visitors to your website through targeting different keywords within your industry (industry) that you are an authoritative and trustworthy website that is well known in your industry.

The more you find DIFFERENT keywords (related to your industry) for which you prepare different (unique) content, the more you contribute to the permanent growth of the number of visitors to your website with SEO optimization.

At the same time, properly implemented SEO optimization works by contributing to the independence of online sales from Google Ads paid ads, which is very important at a time when the prices of paid online advertising on all platforms, not just Google.
You don’t want to set your online presence and online sales to be solely dependent on paying for ads to Google (and other online platforms), but you want your website to gain visitors over time without having to deduct money.

Just SEO optimization, as a process of improving the ranking of your website on Google, contributes to the fact that for more visitors, Google does not have to pay.

The operation of SEO optimization, especially compared to the operation of PPC advertising (with Google Ads), is nicely shown in the image below:

SEO optimization works in the long run (the more you post quality content, the more it will work)
Google Ads works right away (or you’ll get an answer right away if they don’t work).

How does SEO work

How long does it take for SEO to start work?

Now that you’ve read the chapter on how SEO works, the next logical question is how long does it take for SEO to start working.

Given that SEO optimization is a job in the long run and is more of a “direction” than a “quick fix” the answer to this question may surprise you:

It doesn’t take long for SEO to work. In fact, today it takes an average of 1 day to see the results of SEO optimization. Years ago, however, the workings of SEO could be seen and detected even in 2 to 5 minutes.

I explain….

Most of you who are interested in SEO optimization is sure to read thousands of posts on how SEO takes time, long-term dedication and concentration, etc.…. Which is true.

But on the other hand, if you master SEO, it is enough to dedicate one day to prepare top-quality content, SEO optimizes it, throw it in indexing in Google (via Google Search console) and tomorrow at the same time, you can track on Google it’s content.

That is, in theory, and practice, it takes exactly 1 day for SEO to start working.

Of course, the second question is whether you have prepared the content for the relevant keyword, whether the content is conversion effective, how long it takes you to learn to follow all SEO rules when preparing content and how this content will achieve your sales goals.

The purpose of writing SEO content is to rank high on Google. And for this, it can take a maximum of 1 day.

When you want to achieve some other, (additional) goals with this, the same content, e.g. increase the number of purchases, the number of inquiries or no. subscribers to your email, however, is no longer an issue of SEO, but a matter of conversions.

The more high-ranking web content you have in the future, the more SEO optimization will yield results, but the fact is that if you hit a keyword and manage to prepare the content so that it ranks first on the first page of Google, then for SEO to work lasts exactly 1 day.

Useful video on how SEO optimization works, see below:

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