Email marketing for small business

Email marketing for small business

In our funneltogo application, we have designed it so that every entrepreneur can prepare forms and collect email addresses to then send emails in such a way. It is a great way of email marketing for small business. Get started today!

Is email still relevant for marketing?

Absolutely. Email is the same as your home address. True, you can have multiple emails. But more or less follow everyone. Let’s say you’re moving abroad. What are you going to do? You will probably contact anyone who sends you any invoices by regular mail and ask them to send you an email. This will allow you to manage matters from abroad as well. You just can’t do without email these days.

A lot of people will indeed sign up for your news from an email they don’t even watch. However, given that sending an email costs you virtually nothing, this is not a burden for you. Now and then, the email database is cleaned. You delete emails that customers don’t open and continue marketing. Nowadays, this is much easier and cheaper.

We used to send printed catalogues to mailing addresses and the costs were huge. Back then, it was sending catalogues. Pure lottery because there were no suitable address databases yet. America has gone the furthest here. You can buy the addresses of people with suitable shopping habits. Let’s say: women between the ages of 20 and 45 who buy expensive makeup. Or similar.

Today we just filter the entries through the information offered. If the customer likes our service or product, they will sign up. If not, then no.

Email marketing for small business


How to write an email?

According to our research (we have been using email marketing for many years), personal email had the greatest response and the greatest openness. What does that mean? When we send an email (newsletter) we have the option of a personal email or the so-called corporate email.

Personal email takes the form of a friend sending an email to a friend. That is, without any special design. They are usually just text. The client is addressed by name (Hello Adam) and textually describes a matter. It can be an offer or advice.

Corporate email, on the other hand, is an email that is usually sent by larger companies. It is design-perfect. Lots of pictures, big logo, etc. As far as we have seen, such an email works in online stores and larger companies, where the response to the email is not so important, but it is more about the presence and building of the brand.

Best to try it yourself. Submit one form and another and follow the response.

Is email marketing suitable for service businesses?

Absolutely. It probably works best here. Especially if you have any particular service activity that needs further explanation. It can be hypnotherapy, chiropractic, yoga or business consulting. In this case, it is best to set up automated email marketing, which systematically sends emails to anyone who signs up.

These consecutive emails sent by the system every 14 days or once a month offer an additional explanation regarding our service. It works best if we send free advice about our business and add value for anyone who reads them.


You perform massages to relieve pain (chiropractor, physiotherapist, masseur, etc.). You have offered the client free information on how to get rid of low back pain with simple exercises. He just needs to sign in to your notification system.

Prepare 10 -12 pre-written emails that contain instructions and exercises to eliminate low back pain. They can also be redirected to your youtube channel, where you show the exercises through a video. The customer gets huge added value for free.

After the third or fourth email, the system (automatically) sends her an invitation to advertise in your salon to review her pain condition. It can be free or paid. Once a client is in your salon, you will easily sell a massage package to relieve back pain.

Sending emails to prospective customers is automatic and does not require additional costs. All you have to do is advertise and fill your email database. Currently, the cheapest way to do such advertising is through Facebook.

Is it possible to promote sales unobtrusively with email marketing?

Yes and no. People have subscribed to your newsletter or given an email for further information. According to the law, every email sent must be able to unsubscribe. Realistically, everyone enrolled is aware that you are likely to bombard them with emails. It is about the same as if you go to the store and the dealer budges you at every turn.

Be aware that you are not the only one sending emails. You need to be careful and give something in each email that a person can have for its added value. Otherwise, the person will log out somewhat quickly. Remember trash cans next to mailboxes in large skyscrapers. They are usually full of advertisements and flyers. There is less and less of that today. Companies have switched to emails 🙂

Those enrolled will unsubscribe if:

1. You overdo it by sending emails too often

2. They are no longer interested in your offer or product

3. They were misled. You’ve been bidding on one thing, and they’re getting offers for another thing.

One of the marketing studies, which investigated the effects and benefits of email marketing for companies of different sizes, especially small companies, proved that on average over 90% of visitors to individual websites leave them and only after having already obtained information or made a purchase on another website.

And not only that:

  • Small businesses that don’t do email marketing don’t just lose online visitors once, as there’s a 72% chance that a customer who once bought from a competing website will make the next purchase again from your competition.
  • companies that do not carry out email marketing systematically (regularly and based on a pre-designed marketing strategy) fail to anchor website visitors in loyal followers because, with the flood of countless new platforms through which companies address their audiences, it is necessary to be active all the time. through all the online channels used by the addressed audience


The main benefits of email marketing for small businesses

  • Email marketing brings an above-average high return on investment. The larger our recipient base is, the more we grow over time. The longer small entrepreneurs carry out email marketing, the lower the cost of returning the investment in the implementation of email marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing helps small businesses retain readers on websites. By having our visitors subscribe to receive our news, website owners get a chance to re-address their visitors. This also addresses those who did not purchase the first visit to our website.
  • The goal of restraining visitors is important, especially from the point of view of online activities by your competition. Because if you do not remind your visitors of your brand, it does not mean that your competition will not.
  • Email marketing helps reach new customers through your new online content. Imagine that every week on the blog of your website, you publish a new, useful guide for your audience. You promote this useful guide on social networks, and at the same time invite social network users to subscribe to additional useful tips that you will prepare in the future.
  • The more useful your promoted instruction is, in fact useful, the more readers will want to receive new guidance. The more “general” the instruction, the fewer will want more information.
  • Email marketing helps promote new products and services. Not only do you nurture your customers through email marketing and make them aware of your brand. Opposite. Through email marketing, you can inform about your new products and services, thus enriching the content you send to the recipients of e-mails.
  • Email marketing helps you educate your existing and potential customers. Whether you are conducting email marketing in the BTB or BTC field, you can in any case use it as a support or after-sales activity to educate your customers.
  • Email marketing helps you improve sales, as you can use it to sell items to satisfied recipients of your emails. At the same time, you can inform customers about possible sales promotions, discounts and other opportunities for more favourable purchases.
  • Email marketing helps you segment your customers. With the help of email marketing, you can segment your website visitors into individual groups according to their interests. You can dedicate one type of e-mail to the work of visitors who are interested in a particular topic, and completely different content to the work of visitors who are interested in another topic.
  • Email marketing helps you automate your sales process. By automating marketing campaigns, you reduce costs and speed up your process of addressing your target audience.
  • Email marketing helps you get to know your audience better. By monitoring the results of marketing campaigns (open rate, CTR, etc. () you can send your recipients, over time, even more, useful and even more targeted online content.


Email marketing for small business newsletter

More information:

In addition to the listed benefits and advantages of email marketing for small business, there are additional benefits of email marketing, as well as many other benefits that can be realized with prudent email marketing especially well, if you consider other aspects of online marketing and web content creation, in general. Online marketing is described in more detail on the first link, and on the second you will find more details for content marketing.



Email marketing is and will continue to be one of the best and cheapest forms of marketing for your business. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs neglect email marketing.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in classic marketing. The company decides on a specific budget and starts advertising to bring as many customers as possible to its website. The purposes here may be different. We can build a brand or we just want to sell as much as possible. We invested a lot of money and what’s going on? A little is sold, but most visitors to our website leave without any promotion.

Let’s say 5% of visitors bought our product. What about the other 95% of visitors. They looked at our offer and left without a trace. True, you can use some form of retargeting offered by Facebook. But it will not be free. In a way, it would be ideal to keep at least a certain part of these visitors so that we can inform them about our offer later.

Most visitors to your website will leave your site without any action.

The first 5% of customers are so-called spontaneous customers. We must not forget, however, that the other 95% of visitors came through our advertising campaign. That is to say, there was some interest behind it. Not relevant. They may just be deciding. Maybe they need to talk to their partner or they have our product in mind for a future purchase. The problem is that when they leave our website most of them forget about us.

The solution is simple. On our website, we offer a subscription to the news, where the customer enters his email or name. In this way, it is entered into our database of interested parties. We then inform these interested parties about the novelties of our offer. How often is a matter of company decision.

Nowadays, however, every person who subscribes to our news has the option to unsubscribe. This is already required by law, but it gives customers more confidence.

Learn email marketing for small businesses

Why is this system good for the company and will probably be for many years to come? In this way, the company has in its database only those registered who are interested in the offer, they have not yet decided. Sending a couple of thousand or a couple of tens of thousands of emails costs us practically nothing.

Email marketing is the cheapest possible way to build a brand and drive sales. In addition, the email database can be used indefinitely.

Large companies have adequate budgets for advertising and we cannot compete with them with classic advertising. If we delve into email marketing, we see that it is ideal just for smaller businesses.
He addresses the client in a more personal, appropriate way. If we plan and build email marketing properly, we can quickly find ourselves with a couple of tens of thousands of emails from people who are interested in our business.

These are our customers. Future and present. However, the email database needs to be properly cared for, maintained, cleaned and supplemented. As far as is noticeable, email marketing is a puzzle for many entrepreneurs and is therefore untapped.
A lot of people still don’t consider the power of email marketing for small business. Even if an entrepreneur may have a couple of thousand emails, he rarely uses them. Now and then he only sends some email and that’s it.

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By Matija Zajšek



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